Axess 13.3-Inch LED HDTV DVD Player & Portable TV

61wx2n2t3bl-_sl1000_Sleek and loaded with features which include 1366×768  resolution for a sharp viewing experience. A built in analog and digital tuner to catch your favorite programs.

It also comes with a full function remote for easy control of the TV. This 13-inch LED TV offers awsome performance and function in a well-designed package.

When you’re on the road and there isn’t a conventional outlet you can use 12 Volt car adapter to power the TV. This makes it perfect for on the go watching .

Video Review:

Design & Appearance:

Brand Name Axess
Item Weight 4.8 pounds
Product Dimensions 13.6 x 4.7 x 11.4 inches
Item model number TVD1801-13
Item Display Height 5 inches

Operating System & Performance:

  • Max Resolution 1366×768
  • Contrast Ratio 500:1.
  • 12V Car Cord .
  • Built-in Cable/Antenna  jack, Video/Audio, Audio Jack, USB Input, HDMI port, Coaxial Output Jack, Earphone Audio Jack, CVBS Input
  • Full function remote control, this product only has a AC power supply.

Pricing & Availability:



Axess 13.3-Inch LED HDTV, Includes AC/DC TV, HDMI/SD/USB Inputs, comes in different screen sizes from 7-Inch to 32-Inch:

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